Much more than a photo session for your baby: we will document all of the first-year milestones

You'll have your first year together captured in natural photographs, so you can always remember the magic and emotion of this stage.

You've heard a thousand times that babies grow up very fast, but now it's your turn to experience it firsthand.

You're about to experience what it's like to go from holding your baby with one hand to having them hold your hand to take their first steps!

What if you could forever cherish your baby's growth and development of the first year of life?

It's a year full of significant milestones, each one different from the last. Their learning pace is tremendously fast, and it will pass in the blink of an eye. That's why I want to help you capture it so you can keep it forever.

And also, so that in a few years, your child can see it. I assure you these memories will be their greatest treasure.

Preserve forever their first smiles, their evolution from lying on their back to rolling over, sitting, crawling, or taking their first steps.

I will portray your baby in an authentic way. I will capture their personality so that every time you look at the photos, you'll remember that stage and recall hundreds of anecdotes.

And, above all, I will portray your family, all the love you share, and that special bond.

Habrás oído decir miles de veces que los bebés crecen muy rápido, pero ahora te toca vivirlo a ti. ¡Estás a punto de experimentar de primera mano lo que es pasar de sostener a tu bebé con una sola mano, a dársela para que dé sus primeros pasos!

¿Y si pudieras guardar para siempre los grandes logros de tu bebé durante su primer año de vida?

Es un año lleno de grandes hitos, cada uno diferente al anterior. Su ritmo de aprendizaje es tremendamente veloz y pasará en un abrir y cerrar de ojos. Por eso, quiero ayudarte a capturarlo, para que puedas guardarlo para siempre.

Y, también, para que dentro de unos años tu hijo/a pueda verlo. Te aseguro que estos recuerdos serán su mayor tesoro.

Conserva para siempre sus primeras sonrisas, su evolución de estar tumbado boca arriba a darse la vuelta, sentarse, gatear o dar sus primeros pasitos.

Voy a retratar a tu bebé tal y como es. Voy a capturar su personalidad para que cada vez que mires las fotos recuerdes esa etapa y te vengan a la memoria cientos de anécdotas.

Y, sobre todo, voy a retratar a vuestra familia, todo el amor que compartís y esa conexión tan especial.

What will your milestone photo sessions be like?

  • A personalized experience from start to finish. Upon booking, I will send you a brief questionnaire to better understand your expectations and fulfill them.

  • Guidelines for preparing the session. I will also send you a guide with advice so that the session runs smoothly.

  • Natural and timeless photos. The goal is for you to be able to look back at these photos in a few years and be reminded of what your baby was like and how much he evolved.
  • Quick and easy booking process: You don’t have to worry about anything! I will always let you know when you can book your next session in a quick and easy way.
Don’t worry! You won't have the pressure to decide now how many photos you want and in what format. You will do that once you have seen the photos!

During the booking process, you can see the different options of photographic collections I offer, but there's no rush. After seeing the photos, you can decide which collection you want to buy and pay the remaining amount. All collections include a specific number of digital photographs and a credit to spend on prints or products from the online store.

Collections start at 450€.

How many sessions are included in the first-year baby plan? primer año?

Although there are many developmental milestones achieved during the first year, a good way to plan the sessions would be to divide them into 3 moments (after the initial newborn stage): around 3-4 months, around 7-8 months, and the first birthday.

4-month baby photo session At 4 months, your baby will have changed a lot. They will already hold their head up, interact, and give us their first smiles. We can take photos of them lying on their back or practicing the famous tummy time (lying on their stomach and lifting their head).

We will also take photos in your arms, taking advantage of the fact that they are still babies and very affectionate. If the mom wants, we can also take some photos breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. Additionally, if you have previously done the newborn session, we will try to recreate some similar poses to clearly see the progression of their growth.
8-month baby photo session

At 8 months, most babies can sit up. They are chubby and adorable (they're already eating solids!). Many can crawl, grab their feet, and, above all, interact a lot and are very fun. During the session, we will give them some wooden toys to play with, sing songs, and make sure they have a fun time. We will also give parents guidelines to interact all together and capture your connection. Once again, we will try to take some photos similar to the previous sessions to be able to clearly see the growth.
1st year baby photo session

Their first birthday is something very exciting! They can stand up or even walk. We can celebrate it with a Smash the Cake session. Following the minimalist style of our other sessions, we will photograph your baby's reaction to their first cake.

We will ensure that the photos reflect their personality and are authentic and natural. You will also have the option to have a session without a cake, either in the studio or outdoors. You can choose what you prefer or what your baby will like the most based on their personality.

Who am I?


Hello! My name is Brenda, and I've been photographing maternity, newborn and families since 2017. My photographic style is very natural, and I always seek to convey emotion and authenticity in my photos.

I am also a mother, so I value even more the importance of immortalizing these magical years that fly by.

Who am I?


Hello! My name is Brenda, and I've been photographing maternity, newborn and families since 2017. My photographic style is very natural, and I always seek to convey emotion and authenticity in my photos.

I am also a mother, so I value even more the importance of immortalizing these magical years that fly by.

Words from clients

Frequently asked questions about
your milestone photo sessions

Although each stage is unique and has its particular charm, if I had to choose one, I would recommend waiting until your baby can sit on their own. Photographically, we will have much more flexibility since we can take photos of them sitting, lying down, crawling, in your arms, etc. This moment is usually between 7 and 10 months, depending on each baby.
No problem! All our sessions can be gifted. Without a doubt, it's a gift that has much more value and durability than anything else. The family receiving it will be eternally grateful and will remember you every time they see their photos.

The duration of each session is approximately 45 minutes because, at this age, babies get tired quickly. We want to give them enough time to build confidence but not so much that they get sleepy or hungry.

Of course! Both parents and siblings, if there are any, can participate. Although we will focus on your baby, photos with parents are essential because they are very special. The goal is to have a memory of your first year together as a family.

An authentic memory of your baby's evolution during their first year to relive it whenever you want.

How do I have to book?


Fill out your details, and you will automatically receive all the information with the rates and options for photographic collections. If you don't receive it within a minute, check your spam folder.

*Collections start at 450€.
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