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Newborn photography sessions are best suited for babies aged up to 15 days. Nonetheless, we understand there can always be setbacks and that doesn’t mean you can’t keep a beautiful memory of your baby. 


Our style is very natural and baby-led. We don’t like positioning babies in unnatural ways and we don’t use any props. We want to portray your baby just the way he or she is. We also love when parents and siblings participate so that we can capture all of the emotion during those first very special days. 


We always do these sessions in our photographic studio (c/Calatrava 59-61, Ppal 1ª). Here you will find a cozy space and a perfect temperature for your baby. The first few days of your baby’s life are amazing but also pretty hectic and the nights are hard. For this reason, you will find a comfortable sofa in our studio with all the amenities for you to enjoy the experience.

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Frequently asked questions

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How long does the session last?

Newborn photography sessions take around 2 to 3 hours because we depend on the baby’s needs. We will spend most of the time soothing the baby, nursing or getting him/her back to sleep. Nonetheless, don’t panic if the baby will not sleep because we will capture their beautiful eyes and their first interactions with you.

Do you have to bring anything?

A few weeks before the baby is born, we will give you some tips and recommendations to take into account prior to the session. Parents don’t have to bring anything for we have everything we need at the studio. We work with different fabrics and textures and try to avoid props. A newborn transmits so much on its own and shows so many different expressions that we believe props are unnecessary and try to keep it as minimalistic as possible.

Can siblings and parents be photographed?

Of course! We will photograph the newborn but we will also take pictures with the parents and siblings, if there are any. If the siblings are very young, we recommend that you bring them some toys so that they don’t get bored. You can also use the garden so that they can run around while they aren’t participating actively in the session.

Why do we recommend doing it before the first 15 days?

The best time to photograph a newborn baby is when the baby is 5 to 15 days old. After these first few weeks, the babies start to abandon their fetal position, it’s harder to settle them down and they tend to be more awake and aware of their surroundings. Also, things like colics or baby acne start to show.

When a baby is premature, the timings change and we can schedule the newborn session later. The baby’s health is the priority and we have to wait until he or she gains enough weight.

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