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We want to portray that first link between you and your baby so that you remember it with the joy it deserves.
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Maternity photography session in Barcelona


Maternity photo sessions can be taken at any time during your pregnancy but the ideal time is when you’re 30-35 weeks pregnant. Why? Because your baby bump will be pretty prominent but your due date will be far away enough that you won’t be feeling swollen and uncomfortable. Nonetheless, it can be scheduled before or after depending on each pregnancy.


Our maternity sessions are very natural and relaxed. We want our photographs to capture your excitement and love for the arrival of the new family member and we want to do it in the most authentic way. We will give you some guidelines on where to place yourself to get the best light and make you look more beautiful, but we will also ask you to forget a bit about the camera.


These sessions can be in studio or outdoors. We recommend doing them in our photographic studio (c/Calatrava 59-61, Ppal 1ª) if you’re looking for a more intimate session, with beautiful light and a lot of white. On the contrary, we recommend doing it outdoors if you already have more children and your want to create beautiful family memories in a nice environment (beach, park, field…).

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Pregnancy is such a special time in a woman’s life! Let us capture it and save it forever in your memory.

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Frequently asked questions

Photographies during pregnancy

How long does a maternity session last?

Maternity sessions last about 1 hour in studio and 1 hour and a half outdoors.

Do you have to bring anything?

Before the session we will help you choose outfits to make you feel comfortable but also flatter your figure and show off your baby bump. Depending on the location, we will also recommend certain colors. Nonetheless, the goal is for you to feel beautiful and yourself with your own style.

Can the whole family participate?

Of course! Your husband and children can participate in your maternity photography session, both in studio or on-location. If you have several children already, we recommend doing it outdoors or in our garden.

When should you schedule your session?

Try to schedule your session in the 7-8 month range. Your belly should be nice and round but not so much that you feel uncomfortable. The ideal time is between 30-35 weeks. Every woman is different so if you begin to show earlier than expected, we can schedule it before. If you feel fine and want to wait a bit longer, we can schedule it after. 

How can I book?

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Please leave your contact details and we will get in touch with you in the next 24 hours to give you more information.

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