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Family memories will always be your best kept treasure.
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Family photography session in Barcelona


Family photography sessions can be scheduled whenever you prefer. Some people book them to remember a special day or moment and others like to take their pictures at least once every year. It is always a good time to create beautiful family memories.


We want to tell your story and capture all of the love and emotions you feel for each other. In our family photography sessions we will guide you to where the light looks best but we will also ask you to forget about the camera and have fun. We will ask you to play, cuddle, tickle your children or share a joke with your partner. That way we will be able to capture photographs that are authentically you.


These sessions are always done outdoors so that you can move around freely. They last approximately one hour or one hour and a half. Depending on what you’re looking for and the time of the year, we will suggest different locations. 

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Frequently asked questions

Family photoshoot in Barcelona

What time of the day is best for family photography sessions?

Usually, we schedule our outdoor family sessions a few hours before the sun sets to get beautiful and magical light. During the summer, because sunsets are so late in the evening, we will shoot first thing in the morning.

Do you have to bring anything?

You don’t have to bring anything other than your enthusiasm. A few weeks before the session, we will give you some ideas to help you choose your wardrobe in order to achieve a nice color coordination.

Do we work on the weekends?

Yes we do! We usually reserve Saturdays for family sessions. Because of this, it’s best to book early ahead because it is the most popular day. 

Why do a family photography session?

Family photographs are the most valuable but the hardest to get. There is always a family member that doesn’t appear in the picture because he/she has to take it. For us, these family sessions are very exciting because we know you are going to hang them on your wall and keep them like a treasure. We want you to take a look at them as the years pass by and remember those moments with pure joy. We want to capture your complicity, love and personality.

How can I book?

Outdoor family photos in Barcelona

Please leave your contact details and we will get in touch with you in the next 24 hours to give you more information.

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