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Babies grow so quickly during their first year!
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These sessions can be done throughout the first year of your baby. Nonetheless, our favorite age is between 7-10 months. At that age your baby’s personality will start to show, they will be able to sit on their own and their cute baby rolls will be adorable. 


Our photographs are honest and spontaneous. We love capturing the baby’s personality and every detail: their chubby little feet or their big beautiful eyes. We use natural wood toys to entertain them and we will show them our goofiest version to make them smile.


These sessions are held in our photography studio (c/Calatrava 59-61, Ppal 1ª). A beautiful white and well-lit space where nothing stands out more than your baby. 

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Frequently asked questions

Photography sessions for babies in Barcelona

How long are the baby photo sessions?

Baby photography sessions last around 1 hour. There will be babies who need more time to feel comfortable whereas others will quickly want to play and explore the new space. In both cases, we will try not to take too much longer because babies get tired quite easily at this age. 

Do you have to bring anything?

Before the session, we will talk to you about what clothes to wear. If you want, we can take some pictures with their diaper or a diaper cover to show off their adorable baby rolls. We will also ask you to bring one or two other outfits to be able to make the most out of your session.

Can the whole family participate?

During baby photography sessions, our main focus is the baby. Nonetheless, if you want to participate in some photographs or the baby needs to be held, there is absolutely no problem. If you want to appear with the baby during all of the session, we do recommend you book a family photography session.

What age is best to photograph your baby?

Although you can book your session whenever you want during the baby’s first year, there is an ideal time to photograph a baby: when they learn to sit on their own (sitter sessions). We will be able to obtain a much richer gallery then bacuse we will be able to photograph your baby sitting down, crawling, lying down, in your arms, etc. This usually happens when babies are 7-10 months old.

How can I book?

Professional photos of your baby during their first year

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