Newborn, maternity, children and family photography in Barcelona

Maternity sessions

Pregnancy is such a special time in a woman’s life! Your body experiences many changes and unique and unrepeatable sensations. During our maternity photo sessions, we want to portray that first link between you and your baby so that you remember it with the joy it deserves.

A maternity photo sessions can be taken at any time during your pregnancy but the ideal time is between 30-35 weeks.


Newborn sessions

Newborn photography sessions are very special and unique for they are much more than a photo session. It is your first family experience with the baby and, for this reason, we will take special care of every small detail; from the moment you enter our studio until you receive the photographs. We want to capture your baby’s first days of life so you can remember them forever. We will photograph their first expressions and signs of tenderness, before they pass by, always faster than we expect.


Children sessions

Children bring happiness to every home and we want to transmit that joy in each session. Every child is unique and that’s why these sessions are so much fun. We will try to capture their essence, whether he/she is shy, bold, calm or energetic. This way, you will get beautiful images that you will treasure for many years.


Family sessions

Family photographs are the most valuable but the hardest to get. There is always a family member that doesn’t appear in the picture because he/she has to take it. For us, these family sessions are very exciting because we know you are going to hang them on your wall and keep them like a treasure. We want you to take a look at them as the years pass by and remember those moments with pure joy. We want to capture your complicity, love and personality.


Cake smash sessions

Cake smash sessions are a fun and original way to remember your child’s first birthday. Every kid reacts differently to the cake. There are those who destroy it quickly and others who don’t pay any attention to it. That’s what makes it so much fun… We will photograph the child reacting for the first time to tastes and textures that were unknown to him or her so far.


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