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Maternity photo session – She and Mom

Mother’s Day is approaching and we wanted to share with you a session of mother and daughter that fell in love with us. We like to convert maternity photo sessions into family sessions because it makes them doubly special.

Waiting for G…

Everything was on wheels from the moment they arrived. A very relaxed and informal atmosphere was created and we were able to capture very beautiful and authentic moments between the mother and her daughter. They had a connection and a good admirable roll and, in addition, the father also contributed his grain of sand joking with his daughter to make her laugh out loud.

We also had a great time painting mom’s belly. She brought some special markers that are removed with soap and water and we really liked the idea. On the other hand, we really enjoyed photographing the mother alone as she was very relaxed and natural. Sometimes posing for a photographer can be uncomfortable but we always try to be as forced as possible. We want to capture the person as he is: serious, smiling, happy, shy … And above all we want them to feel comfortable with us.

Here we show you some of our favorite photos from this maternity photo session.

If you want to know more about our pregnancy photo sessions, you can click here. Remember that you can also contact us by mail or by phone if you have any questions.

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