We are mother and daughter, 29 years of life and experiences separate us but our relationship is very close. In 2017 we decided to gather our knowledge to do what we like the most… Do you want to get to know us a little bit more?



I have always been attracted to the world of images. Since I was very young I knew I wanted to work in something where I could transmit messages through images, both static or in movement. Therefore, I decided to study Audiovisual Communication. Later on, I specialized in Photography and Digital Retouch with a master’s degree. After finishing, Brenda Roqué Photography was born and, since a few years back, I can live from what I enjoy the most. For me, being behind the camera every day is a huge privilege.

I am easygoing, caring and friendly. I am moved by moments shared with other people, those small instants that are engraved to your soul forever. I work to be able to freeze them and create a family legacy with no expiry date. I look for emotion in each one of my photographs, not perfection. I like to work without props, with natural light and a minimalist style that emphasizes on the inner beauty of every person I am fortunate enough to be able to portray.

Thank you to everyone that trusts me because, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t me able to do what really makes me happy: the art of photography.


Stylist and assistant

Passionate of décor, styling and DIY, I am a mother of two wonderful children and wife of my greatest life companion. In my family we communicate, we feel empathy and we love and that is what I am most proud of.

I have worked for many years as an entrepreneur in different fields, always related to décor and styling. In 2017 I decided to join forces with my daughter Brenda to complete her photographic vision with my knowledge. I enjoy everything I can do by myself and I’m very crafty. Every small detail that you will find in our studio is a part of my excitement, from the light bulbs to the sofa tapestry or the wooden hand-painted chairs where we seat your children. I also enjoy looking for special objects or fabrics that will bring unique and original elements to our sessions.

I love complementing the photographic vision of my daughter with small details that, joined together, will create the perfect photograph that you are looking for.

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